Scorpio no Riku (cygnushyoga) wrote in lighthaired_luv,
Scorpio no Riku

Second post, awright!

Nyahaha, precious site of silver hairs! Well, anywho, the name's Riku (I originally got it from the Kingdom Hearts character, but, well, now it just sticks and seems to fit meh well). I'ma silver-hair/red-hair fangirl person type thing, and Yami Bakura seems to be my, er, top of the top fave characters in anime. ^^ I bring a gift that I actually drew 3 days ago. I didn't know I could draw! Anywho, here it is. You can go ahead and stare at the awesomeness of Yami Bakura's eyes and hair. ^^

I didn't even know I had that sort of talent until I drew that. *-*
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